Exhibition hall

Price starts at 50 000 rubles
Capacity: 350 person
Hall аrea: 5002
Hall parameters: 32x16 m

The maximum capacity of the exhibition hall of 500 m2 allows you to comfortably accommodate up to 350 people. Furniture and equipment are available.
The room is located on the 1st floor, next to the entrance to the “Hanoi-Moskva” shopping center, and has a parking, an escalator and a food court, which provides a large and constant cross flow of visitors.

Reservation phone:
+7 495 357-11-11
(free for mobile)

Minimalism and simplicity in the standard premises of the shopping center opens up space for any ingenious idea and creativity.
By renting our exhibition hall you will get room for maximum freedom of expression and activities, the premises can be used as a studio (photo, video, art studio), exhibition hall, conference room, show room.

Type of seating
Maximum capacity 350 person
Exhibition 350 person