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"Hanoi-Moscow" is the winner of the Advertising Awards 2021!

Advertising Awards 2021

On May 28, the "Advertising Awards 2021" ceremony was held at the Golden Lotus Restaurant.

Dozens of pop stars, talented fashion designers, presenters, artists, representatives of advertising agencies and many others were nominated for the prestigious award. Aparthotel Hanoi Moscow won in the category "Best Hotel Promotion Concept".

In 2020 and 2021 the marketing department of "Hanoi-Moscow" has developed a new concept for the city hotel, which includes not only accommodation, but also recreation with a Vietnamese flavor.

During the pandemic, when the borders were closed and flights were impossible, the hotel gave guests a piece of Vietnam in Moscow.

Vietnamese acupuncture, Asian cuisine, Buddhist temple - all this the hotel guests receive and nowadays without flights and visas. Medical tourism in today's reality is possible. For the ancient methods of Chinese and Vietnamese medicine now come to the apart-hotel "Hanoi-Moscow".

The award has found its winner and Aparthotel Hanoi Moscow will not stop there and in 2021 will offer even more interesting things for those who love Asia!


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