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Golden Hit

Golden Hit

On April 22nd the second National Award "Golden Hit 2021" of Music Box Gold TV channel was held at the Golden Palace Banquet Complex.

Aparthotel "Hanoi-Moscow" became a partner of one of the most expected events of the year!

Hotel manager Kira Horm presented gift certificates and commented on participation: 

"Even the goldest hit sounds better after the pandemic recedes. The world comes alive and renews itself. Not only the new songs, but the old ones sound different. We are happy to be a partner of the Golden Hit 2021 Award and to feel again the freedom of communication, movement and life in general. Thank you to the organizers of the Prize for the vibrant event and working together on such a large-scale project."

Aparthotel Hanoi-Moscow did not become a partner of the event by chance. Changing the concept at the time of "closing the borders" and giving the consumer a trip to Vietnam without a flight, "Hanoi-Moscow" has attracted the attention and interest of a wide audience and has become a Must Have object to visit in Moscow. 


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