Are you a student who needs to stay a couple of days in Moscow? Or did you come with friends to spend a weekend in the capital? “Student rate” is the best value for money, infrastructure and quality of services provided.

Students can profitably book a room in any convenient way:

Only adults over the age of 18 and who have booked a room directly (phone, e-mail, reception) can take part in the “Student Tariff” promotion. You must have a student ID (student ID for each guest) with you and show it when you check into the hotel apartment.

Under the “Student Rate” promotion, only three-room apartments with a minimum stay of 2 days are provided. Cost 4,275.00 RUR / day (without food) for four (4 adults).


And more! As a bonus for the "Student Rate" promotion:

- 25% discount on food at the cafe "Asia Cafe", "BBQ", "Safina";
- Free massage for every guest over 18 years old in the “Center of Vietnamese Acupuncture”.

Come to Moscow with friends and live in a 4 **** hotel at the price of 1069 rubles per day!

* the cost is indicated per person, subject to the accomodation of four people in the apartment for the "Student rate" promotion.

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