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Iana, Bulgaria

Very good hotel. Definitely recommend. Stayed here for a business trip, very convenient, everything you need is at hand.

Aleksi, Finland

Stayed here for a week with my girlfriend, really enjoyed it. The hotel is very cheap compared to other offers and very comfortable. I liked the 'home-like' feeling. Kinda really got used to it. Also, the bus transfer is a big plus, got to VDNKH metro station in just 10 minutes and from there its just 3 stations to the city center. One recommendation - if u plan to use it, best to go not in peak hours. Also a big plus was the vietnamese restaurant - really enjoyed the cuisine. We had a proper high-class romantic dinner in a very stylish room with lots of seafood and unusual Vietnamese foods. Definitely never tried anything like it before.

Ly Doan, Vietnam

Stayed here for a month while visiting family in Moscow together with my sister. Very satisfied. The hotel is very nice, clean and spacious, fitness is right in the building, so i didnt have to stop doing my work out. Also very nice forest nearby, perfect for walkabouts with family. Of course, the best part is the apartment itself. We rented a one-bedroom apartment, felt just like home. The kitchen had all the amenities necessary, so we could save on food. There is a big supermarket in the complex, was very convenient, it also had some vietnamese products, so that was really nice. Overall, I'd definitely stay here again.

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129347, Russia, Moscow,
Yaroslavskoe highway, 146 build 2
+7 495 357-11-11